Moment Chair by Khodi Feiz

Inspired by the notion that we rarely “just sit” while seated,  Khodi Feiz has designed the Moment Chair for Offecct.

Feiz explains, “Observing those ‘moments’ which we engage in while seated was the key inspiration for this project… we started to reflect on all the activities we do while sitting: all the moments that we read, drink a cup of coffee, work, engage in conversation… ‘Moment’ was born out of these situations.”

Feiz believes that this multi-dimensionality, these various seating seating activities, require new solutions that are more reflective of what we do, “just as the old wooden school chair with an integrated tablet did in the context of the classroom.”

“We wanted to create a chair, which is a hybrid, an integral piece composed of two intertwined functionalities that are seamlessly merged into one. And in turn, reflects our daily activities in larger settings such as lounges, receptions, collaborative spaces and offices, and even in your home when you’re reading the morning paper while enjoying your coffee or working on your laptop.”

The design is based on a generous flowing cup shape, supporting the body, which gently transforms into a small articulating table opening up for a surface for your coffee and closing in front of you when you want to work.

“This opening and closing gesture also reinforces the notion of private and public, suggesting to others that you are available for conversation or you are busy with work, a social gauge, if you will.”

Moment will be launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, February 7-11, 2012.

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