Architectonic Furniture by Ted Lott

Artist/woodworker Ted Lott crafts works that play on the notion of Architectonic Furniture – a somewhat populace term used to describe high-end fixtures and wares–usually designed by architects–whose very construction in some way mirrors or imbibes the aesthetic qualities of the space in which they sit.

With great surgical skill, Lott sutures a scaled wood-frame house to a chair reduced to its bare bones, creating sculptures that exist somewhere between practicality and uselessness.

A cross between Raoul Hausmann’s Cyborg Collages and Ai Weiwei’s reconfigured, Frankenstein Chairs, Lott’s miniature house adapts to its constituent constraints, namely the width, height, and spacing of the chair’s legs, arms, and back. The house, which from the front elevation at least, is neatly rendered in the vernacular, complete with gables and balustrades. From the rear and sides, however, the house imaginatively shifts in form, scaling diagonally across the chair frame and extending down toward the floor. Protruding elements, from whole “rooms” to porches, are braced at all angles to the main structure–a whimsical touch that lends the whole ensemble a homespun naïveté.

Story from: Architizer

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One Response to “Architectonic Furniture by Ted Lott”
  1. Ancak, evin yaratıcı sandalye kare çapraz ölçeklendirme ve kat aşağı doğru uzanan, şeklinde kaydırır. Verandalar için bütün “oda” çıkıntılı elemanları, bütün topluluk bir gürgen saflığından ödünç ana yapı-tuhaf bir dokunuş tüm açılarda etken hi

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