Mesh & Cage Lights by Arik Levy for Forestier

Mesh Lights

Cage Lights

Mesh Lights is a series of table and floor lamps consisting of fine metal mesh baskets with lights inside is just one collection of many by Arik Levy for Forestier to be shown at Maison & Objet 2012. Another series is the Cage Lights – a much more simple version of the Mesh Lights.

2012 is the 20th anniversary of the creation of Forestier, the lighting brand founded by Bernard Forestier. About their new lighting collections for 2012, Forestier says “We wanted to enhance existing techniques, and in particular wire, which is the genome of our brand, and then we proposed a theme also keeping in mind our company roots: topiary.” 

“We wanted to focus on ‘Light and reflection’ in all its forms with categories ranging from light to lanterns, and even mirrors and fire. Natural materials such as wood, marble, non-woven paper, wire and marble are our predilections. The aesthetic however is accompanied by using advanced technologies such as LEDs or photovoltaics”. 

Read more: Arik Levy

Read more: Forestier


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