Picnic by GamFratesi for Ligne Roset

Danish design duo GamFratesi has designed the Picnic storage unit for french manufacturer Ligne Roset.

Launched during Cologne 2012, the unit resembles a traditional sewing box and can be moved around in it’s loop handle – just like with the original.

Picnic is made from black stained solid oak.

Ligne Roset explains, “As with their Rewrite desk from 2011, the aesthetic astonishment arises from the unexpected meeting between the déjà-vu (‘already seen’) and a surprising new element: the storage section is evocative of the traditional sewing box or workbox, but when one turns away from the original function (the first priority is no longer necessarily to arrange one’s sewing kit) and updates the materials (black-stained ash replaces the more traditional oak or cherry), it transcends the more ordinary references to take on another dimension altogether, one which is both familiar and strange.

Picnic’s familiar, domestic character is underlined by the softly curved treatment of the storage chest as well as its support feet/handle which enables it to be moved about with ease.

GamFratesi is a design agency founded in Copenhagen in 2006 by Danish architect Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. This Italian-Danish pairing embodies two talented European design traditions: the magical union between the design of the South and that of the North.”

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