Cartoccio Series by Paola Paronetto

Italian ceramist Paola Paronetto has expanded her Paper Clay series of objects with new editions Oro, Corteccia, Lisci and Colore.

Cartoccio is a series of ceramic objects with a corrugated paper-like surface. Paronetto now widens the original collection by adding new surfaces and finishes, reflecting her love for detail.

Colore offers two harmonious chromatic scales: vivid colours ranging from yellow to blue and warm natural tones including white, beige and different nuances of brown and green. The series is available with an overall colour finish on the outside (Cartocci Colore) or with coloured geometric segments (Cartocci Finestra Colore).

Oro is a series of bottles and bowls enriched with pure gold, applied with a brush and fixed in a third baking process.

Corteccia alternates plain surfaces and segments with different textures, conferring a surprising impact to every piece.

Lisci is composed of plain segments in order to emphasize the silhouette and volumes of every item. All of the Cartoccio series are on display at Maison&Objet 2012 in Paris until January 25, 2012.

Paola Paronetto was born in Pordenone in 1965. Her professional training began in 1988  with an intense  series of training courses.

While interpreting the tastes and tendencies of a public who loves contemporary  design, she is in no way conditioned by this in her work. Her experimentation is the spontaneous result of a deep feeling of the beauty that springs from nature and from the simplicity of formal content.

Her collections range from purely decorative objects , sometimes of notable size, to everyday objects and are designed for those who love to surround themselves with refined and exclusive objects , individual pieces which reveal both the artisan’s skill and the artist’s communicative intentions.

Read more: Paola Paronetto


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