Per Söderberg’s New Solutions for Work & Storage

Swedish designer Per Söderberg will be launching his New Solutions for Work & Storage during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.

The collection is an extension of his No Early Birds Collection and includes a bureau writing desk combined with a storage cabinet chest of drawers.

What appears to be plain but subtle boxes with elegant brass fronts – placed on the iconic No Early Birds cross-leg structure base – turns out, after a closer look, to be units with different detailing and functions. Some have tops with recessed Tärnsjö leather, some have drawers while yet some have flip doors with refined detailing in brass.

”I have made the back of the units equally elegant and interesting to look at as the fronts – this way I want to inspire people to place the units freestanding and thus create new and interesting ways to furnish a space” says Per.

The units can be used separately or combined / stacked according to individual need and preference.

The iconic and architectural cross-leg structure is the main feature of the No Early Birds Collection. It comes in three different heights and serves as a base for the units.

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