Stockholm 2012: Hoof by Samuel Wilkinson

London designer Samuel Wilkinson presents a table with legs that are sharpened like pencils for danish manufacturer &tradition.

The Hoof range is named after the way horses hoofs are trimmed before they are shod.

Each table is painted before the ends of the legs are trimmed, in contrast to the normal practice of masking the area to be left bare and then painting over the top.

Samuel explains, “The main inspiration for the HOOF tables starts from the foot detail. I have always loved painted wooden chairs that have the end of the legs left as natural wood so that the paint doesn’t chip off from being either kicked or knocked when cleaning. The leg ends of the table are sharpened at the foot – like a horse’s hoof is trimmed before it is shod. This detail is emerged fromcontinuous explorationand development of production techniques.

The fine edge is created from the soft chamfer on the top and bottom. This gives the tables a tactile feel and clearly shows the solid wood construction. The foot detail is created by reversing the usual production process; most furniture details, which have a painted section and a natural part, are assembled, masked off, and then painted. Hoof will be painted first, then cut back. This detail also reminiscent of a knife trimmed pencil.”

The new table is presented in five colours: grey, black, natural, white-pigmented oil and light blue. Hoof is produced in solid oak with a deep brushed surface. It comes in a natural as well as painted issue and in two different sizes: 500x500mm/900x400mm.

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