Stills Flagship Store by Doepel Strijkers Architects

Dutch studio Doepel Strijkers Architects have designed the unique interior for fashion label Stills.

Located in the Cornelis Schuijtstraat in Amsterdam the flagship store is a mix between the maintained layers of time in the unsmoothed floor and walls and a gridlike structure that grows thoughout the interior space.

Doepel Strijkers explains about the project, “Stills seeks for sophistication through novel combinations and delicate contrasts, in fits, in styles, in looks, in feels. Their ultimate research in the intrinsic qualities of materials, results in new potentials for working with them, treat and combine them. 

This distinctive Stills quality has been translated in a spatial identity based on a new typology. Natural materials, craftsmanship, refined textures and specific patterns are reflected in a spatial fabric which fills the space as a volume. A careful analysis of the movement of humans in space and the perception of clothing forms the base for the deformation of the spatial grid. The dense grid opens itself. An implementation with a durable spatial identity, maximum experience and minimum resources is the result. 

Dressing rooms, lighting and all possible options for presentation are integrated into the volume, so clothing, shoes, bags, books and mannequins form the visual 
specification of the continuous structure.”

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