Noma Foodlab by 3XN

Danish architects 3XN have transformed a warehouse at world renowned Copenhagen restaurant Noma into an experimental food laboratory filled with modular wooden furniture and star-shaped lighting.

Restrictions placed on the existing structure prevented the architects from affixing anything to the walls or floor of the building, so they instead designed four central storage cabinets to divide the room into a laboratory, a herb garden, a staff area and an office.

Each fabricated from over 500 stacked wooden cubes, the four digitally-designed cabinets take the form of circular towers with protruding arms and are illuminated from inside.

The herb garden-on-wheels was also constructed from a set of digitally-designed components, which all slot together like pieces of a jigsaw.

Photography by Adam Mõrk

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Story from: Dezeen

One Response to “Noma Foodlab by 3XN”
  1. ralund says:

    Sindsygt flot!! :)

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