Daniel Vienna Hotel

Daniel Vienna (Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 1030 Vienna, Austria), is a brand new city hotel focused on design, style and functionality. Ideal for accommodating the modern-day traveler who prefers to travel light, it also provides guests with an open, uncomplicated lifestyle. The interiors of The Daniel Vienna offer luxurious and elegant design, while light and warm spaces create a feeling of comfort and hospitality.

Conveniently located near the ”Schloss Belvedere” and just a few footsteps from the new Vienna Central Train and Metro Station, Hotel Daniel is your perfect starting point for acquainting yourself with this beautiful, historic city. Other nearby attractions include the University of Vienna Botanical Gardens as well as the world-famous Schweizer Garten, whereas Vienna city center is just a 15-minute stroll away. As for the hotel itself, I truly don’t know where to start; categorized as a smart luxury hotel, the property is composed of a fine selection of top-class ideas to make everything as easy as ”ABC”. The essence of Smart Luxury is, essentially, that it doesn’t pressure you into anything; instead, it offers only opportunities and inspiration. Of course most of its ‘smart luxury’ is due to the interior design concept which offers the exact opposite of ‘heavy and demure.’

The owner of both the Daniel Vienna and the Daniel Graz HotelFlorian Weitzer, has learned one thing from his many years of experience in the hotel trade, “superfluous pomp and awkward hospitality are simply an unnecessary burden for modern travelers. In fact, what they really want is precisely the opposite: a fast and uncomplicated change of locations, an attractive hotel design and a cool, clear head for taking in new impressions.”

The Daniel Vienna Hotel offers 115 beautifully designed rooms on six floors featuring a queen size bed with room for one or two persons. The ‘Panorama’ rooms’ views offer an extensive vantage point over the city whilst the hammock-rooms offer complete relaxation.  All rooms are non-smoking and feature free W-LAN, a/c, TV, radio, telephone and large ‘Raindance’ showers in the bathrooms. Moreover, the hotel provides for Vespas and bicycles for hire so you can get around the city in ease. Suffice to say, the Hotel also offers its services also for local residents who wish to enjoy the experience of contemporary luxury.

Just from the street-view you understand that this hotel is not like any other; its vintage Cor-Ten steel sign reading ‘Daniel’ and the modern 1960’s architecture set the tone for an experience that is sure to be different and exciting! The building which the Daniel Vienna is located in was one of the first buildings in Austria to be constructed using the revolutionary Curtain Wall technique by world renowned architect Georg Lippert, who coincidentally is also the architect of the Daniel Graz building. Is that fate or what? Upon entering the hotel, one immediately notices that the reception area and the lobby take the form of a spacious loft; so it comes as no surprise that there’s no reception desk, what takes the form of the reception area is the hotel’s private shop which offers unique and exceptional merchandise; of course you can also check in and out, and ask/do whatever a reception desk would normally do. The lobby/loft also features the Daniel bakery – an atmospheric vintage styled bakery where hotel guests can enjoy breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere. The Daniel Bakery is also open to passersby if they wish to purchase delicious Austrian bread and pastries.

The Daniel BAKERY is an entity of its own design-wise; it offers a relaxed atmosphere where white prevails with a truly unique vintage styled interior. The bakery offers original vintage furniture including furnishings from a 1960s fashion boutique, upholstered with patterned materials, the iconic 1938 BKF chairs by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, all beautiful examples of classic modern furniture. Moreover, creative pieces from young furniture designers such as the Donna Wilson chairs combined with custom made furniture pieces such as coffee tables crafted from wooden pallets only add to making the Daniel Bakery a bit more special.

Moreover, the rooms are a breath of fresh air as they mix contemporary, vintage and industrial styles in the décor – the epitome of ”Smart Luxury.” Simplicity and ornamentation free rooms instead of flamboyant excess offer a break from routine instead offering possibilities and inspiration. This mix and match of vintage, modern, and a hint of industrialization is what Florian Weitzer considers, “Urban Stay’ doesn’t aspire to sleek designer aesthetics, it is a young and vibrant mix which creates a feeling of well-being that makes you want to stay for longer. Or it might be what draws your attention in the first place….”

Free from traditional hotel fixtures and fittings, the Daniel Vienna offers exposed concrete ceilings in all rooms, while combining this industrial element with high-quality materials to complete a picture of contemporary luxury. One of the things that I like about the Daniel Vienna rooms is that you can actually live out of your suitcase as there are no wardrobes. Why I like this you may ask is because most city hotels cram the wardrobes right across from the bathroom in that tiny-tiny hallway and you get frustrated and end up never using the wardrobe – so away with it; clever and stress free design! Additionally, you can enjoy rooms with a hammock to relax, or book the ‘Panorama’ and ‘Belvedere’ rooms where the curtain-wall façade provides stunning views of the Hotel Daniel Vienna’s surroundings.

All in all, Daniel Vienna Hotel seems to be the ideal hotel for the carefree, contemporary traveler who isn’t looking for preppy design and perfection – however perfection can be defined – but for the traveler who wants to relax and enjoy ‘Smart Urban Luxury‘ at its finest.

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Story from: Yatzer

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