Krom Chandelier by Zmik

Swiss multidisciplinary design studio Zmik have reinterpreted the form and, to some extent, function of an ordinary industrial working light by combining it with high-gloss polished chrome elements in this stellate-shaped chandelier.

Incorporating the increasingly-popular LED technology, Kroon exists in two different sizes and the light has just been shortlisted by Philippe Starck as one of the 10 finalists for the Frame Moooi Award 2012. 

From the designers, “Standard working lights are tied into an opulent chandelier using a star and two rings which bundle and stretch the lights. A rough and cheap industrial product contrasts with the high end polished chrome steel elements. The lights are equipped with LED-stripes. This refines the design and creates a more brilliant expression which is mirrored and multiplied in the polished star.”

Read more: Zmik

Read more: Frame Moooi Award 2012


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