Chairs by Studio WM

Dutch design duo Studio WM have created these beautiful chairs.

The Dining Chair and Easy Chair is made from contrasting powder coated steel and a lovely textile mix, the wire chairs have both a bit of 60’s industrialism and modern living about it.

Studio WM explain, “Inspired by the amazing fabrics that can be produced with a circular knitting machine, the design of the chairs were born. The airy appearance of the wire frame shows an elegant contrast to the modern padded cushion that is made together with the Audax textiel museum in Tilburg. 

The trick lies in the composition of the yarn. Some of them shrink more than others when heated. Once the fabric comes out of the machine, a steam iron shrinks the desired locations to create a pattern.”

Both the metal and fabric come in a variety of colours. Though the chairs look delicate, they are very durable and suitable for both indoor- and outdoor use.

Established in 2010, by Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon, Studio WM. is a design partnership based in the Netherlands. The designer couple share an interest in flora and fauna and applying natures’ way in products, concepts, interior design and public spaces.

Read more: Studio WM

One Response to “Chairs by Studio WM”
  1. Alonso Karger says:

    I alway prefer to use hardwood dining chairs because they look great and they have that classic look. Hardwood also lasts longer compared to softwood chairs. ;:;**

    Best regards

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