Preview Milan 2012: Cura by Studio Toogood

Studio Toogood have teamed up with skin care brand Nivea for the Salone del Mobile 2012 to create an experiential installation called la cura that will offer a creative antidote to the chaos of the annual Milan furniture fair, and will invite visitors to re-balance through a series of intimate performances.

Upon arrival, visitors will be seated on Spade chairs designed by Studio Toogood, each one bandaged and covered for protection. Individual pieces of clay will then be presented to the guests to be moulded into shapes that reflect their personalities and moods. These artworks, referred to as The Cures, will then be gathered at the end of each session and clustered to create a collective sculpture displayed in the pavilion area designed by Studio Toogood.

To enhance the la cura experience, the Underkitchen by food designers Arabeschi di Latte will play on the human senses by serving visitors a re-energising elixir designed to restore the spirit. The air will be filled with a special scent by perfumers 12.29, which has been designed to capture the essence of the colour white in olfactory form.

Studio Toogood has also designed outfits for Caretakers, who will safeguard and maintain The Cures at all times during the installation.

Read more: Studio Toogood

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