Oud Table Light by Nat Cheshire for Resident

Let the galore of golden metals and marble continue! Auckland based architect Nat Cheshire‘s new table light Oud does exactly that.

Designed for New Zealand brand Resident, Oud is a simple desk lamp. Its single, polished brass armature follows a continuous and unbalanced line, concealing all the mechanisms of a warm LED lamp.

A sphere of polished crimson marble rests on a brass leg: its diameter is fitted to the palm, a quarter-turn operates the internal switch, and its weight – pushed off the axis of rotation by a skew in the channel – counterbalances the projection of the lamp.

Established in 2011, Resident is a contemporary design and manufacturing company from New Zealand. Specializing in furniture and lighting, Resident draws
from the eclectic inspirations of selected designers to produce a clean, crafted, functional and thought provoking collection.

Read more: Nat Cheshire

Read more: Resident


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