Milan 2012 Preview: Pila & Pilo by Bouroullec for Magis

French designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec present this slender ash chair for Magis in Milan next week. Called Pila, it has a plywood seat and back supported on an aluminium frame hidden under the seat.

A matching table called Pilo features cast aluminium connectors between the legs and table top.

From the designers, “Designing both the Pila chair and the Pilo tables was driven by the idea of creating light objects. The plywood seat and back parts of the Pila chair are supported by four very thin sticks in plain wood which are maintained together by a structure in injected aluminium that is almost invisible yet highly solid.

Pilo answers the same quest for lightness and additionally proposes an open system that allows to compose a table that goes with one’s needs and wishes. Pilo is a table reduced to its minimum: solid wood feet that support a wooden top thanks to discreet and strong aluminium connections.

Pilo and Pila comes in natural and stained ash.”

REad more: Bourroullec

Read more: Magis


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