UNION Restaurant by Aurélie Blanchard

Swiss architect Aurélie Blanchard was assigned by Jérome Beurret and Stefan Grieder to design their new venture UNION Restaurant in Basel.

Situated in the heart of the multicultural area of Kleinbasel, UNION Restaurant is located as a meeting point for the creative industries, students and immigrants alike.

The entire bar is clad with copper, while the dining area behind holds a deep green colour referring to Basel’s traditional painted wooden doors. Spherical copper pendant lamps are suspended above a row of long oak tables, where diners sit in large groups.

The bar in contrast is a precious copper niche that opens onto the dark green dining room at the back. Shelves and standing tables emerge from the copper walls; masking the room surfaces with a seamless copper coat. The oversized standing table and new bar are an extension of the wooden floor, finished with a thick copper plate. Rounded corners, solid copper elements and cast glass lamps evoke metropolitan industrial times.

Throughout the space, a dark wooden floor unifies the restaurant and bar. Touches of copper jump into the green room through the folded bar, globe lamps and vintage copper vases.
Next to the bar, the existing courtyard is a lush and fresh space where the green of the plants echoes the Basel green of the restaurant.

Jérome Beurret and Stefan Grieder, owners of the well-known Rhyschaenzli in Basel, stand behind the restaurant along with their new partner Pascal Salathe.

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