Milan 2012: Kettal

Kettal really has managed to get themselves placed within the top outdoor furniture companies when it comes to innovative and desirable products the last few years. Among others they have had an extensive collaboration with spanish designer Patricia Urquiola which has aided the company in achieving this position.

During this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, Kettal showed new pieces at an exciting stand at the Fiera Flo. Build up like a group of small houses, some of which the roof was made from rows and rows of potted plants, Kettal showed a ovely range of both lounge and dining furniture.

A new launch was Patricia Urquiola’s Kettal Cottage, which is a small lounge-house to be placed in a tranquile spot in the garden. Kettal explains, “Cottage is a charming spot, a place in which to relax in comfort, meditate, rest or simply pass the time in the company of a good book, enjoying the air and the light, the definitive refuge in which to enjoy the outdoors.”

Other launches was Kettal Bob by Hella Jongerius and Kettal Bitta by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Read more: Kettal


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