Salone Satellite 2012: Jonas Forsman

“The beauty of mechanics” is the working title of three different products showned by swedish designer Jonas Forsman on Salone Satellite in Milan 2012.

Forsman showed the 3 new products Arc Folding Chair, Up Desk Lamp and Parasol Table Lamp.

The backrest and seat of the Arc Folding Chair are made of lacquered wood. The legs are made of steel tubing and the connectors of plastic. Many folding chairs are very simple and to be honest quite boring and therefore only used when absolutely necessary. The Arcc Folding Chair is a good example of a chair that one would actually want to use every day because of its aesthetics.

The Up Desk Lamp has a long wooden arm that can be set almost vertical. This makes it possible to use the lamp in many situations, from the regular desk lamp to a floor reading lamp. The lamp relies on the tension of the cord to hold the arm perfectly balanced and the light source is of course LED to keep the size and weight down.

The Parasol Lamp uses the fact that reflected light is softer and more gentle than direct light. The screen can be directed freely thanks to the ball magnet that connects it to the base. This magnet gives its shape to the screen by creating the bump on the top. The whole use of reflectors was somewhat a trend at this year’s fair and is definitely something we will see more of in the future.

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