Chapeau by Milia Seyppel

German designer Milia Seyppel has designed a series of ceramics named Chapeau.

Chapeau are beautifully finished with matt pastel colours on the outside and glossy on the inside. The shapes have a lovely poetic language.

Milia showed at the Salone Satellite during last month furniture fair in Milan.

Milia describes Chapeau, “CHAPEAU understands serving food as an aesthetic, even a poetic act and becomes a game of forms. CHAPEAU is a set of porcelain bowls, which can be used to store food, serve such dishes as soups and dips, keep candy or anything else inside. CHAPEAU consists of two different bowls with two different tops, which can be inter-exchanged. One can choose and combine different sizes combining flat or high bowls and tops. The different volumes make it possible to serve or preserve different dishes, enable to keep different types of food warm and hygienically protected.”

Read more: Milia Seyppel


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