Chandigarh by Doshi Levien

London based design duo Doshi Levien has created a new collection of furniture for italian brand Moroso. Called Chandigarh the collection consist of a lounge chair, a sofa and low tables.

The inspiration derrives (as the name also suggests) from iconic architect Le Corbusier’s master planning project of the city Chandigarth in India from the 1950’s.

“For us the Chandigarh sofa is the coming together of modernity, sensuality, graphics and eccentric qualities”, claim the Anglo-Indian designer couple.

The sofa consists of large upholstery pieces, covered in leather or fabric, sitting within a delicate steel frame. Doshi Levien have also designed a Chandigharh-inspired fabric pattern for the sofa as well as a series of coffee tables to compliment the collection.

The series of tables compliment the Chandigarh collection, further enriching the architectural material palette using a combination of glass, terrazzo, polished metal and tubular steel.

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