Milan 2012: Ron Gilad for Molteni&C

We’ve shown some of the pieces already but couldn’t help ourselves from showing the rest of Ron Gilad’s Grado° Collection for italian brand Molteni&C.

The collection is based on geometric shapes, lines of bold primary colours and corners that shift from 90° angles to 45° angles.

The little side table Pannacotta is heavy and light at the same time. Consisting of a big block of marble and an otherwise thin metal frame, the table somehow plays games with one’s conception of weight.

Both tables, mirrors and sliding doors have been made without actual corners, as they go from 90° to 45° on all edges as mentioned earlier and therefore give a feel of strict geometry but also soft edges. Inlayed lines of blue, red and yellow are used to give the otherwise timber based pieces a kind of outline.

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Read more: Molteni&C


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