Yumé Chairs by Jean-Marc Gady

French designer Jean-Marc Gady has designed the Yumé Chair Collection for Perrouin.

Perrouin is a family-run manufacturer of chairs that has been operating since 1875 in the brittany town of Le Rheu. Five successive generations have been producing stylish chairs at a pace of over 50,000 a year. This company provides a good example of how the struggle to survive in the face of competition from abroad has led to a focus on design in an attempt to add value to the product line.

Jena-Marc explains, “My first experience entailed observing to better understand perrouin’s century-old techniques, for subsequent transposition on a series of contemporary seat patterns. I was thus able to design a streamlined and smooth chair, without even the slightest ridges”. The upholstery is held taut like a screen made of a black batyline fabric, a highly-resistant synthetic material, or in natural caning, which is another strength of the perrouin operation. This line of furniture is built in beech and comprises a chair, a barstool and an extra large love seat.

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