Watching the Ships Roll In by Marie Dessuant

As part of a new collection by a recently-launched contemporary French furniture label Singularité, the young Parisian designer Marie Dessuant has realised this neat seat and stool called – rather curiously – Watching the Ships Roll In.

Composed of a simple beech wood structure and thin, cotton canvas mattress and cushions, the design is, in Dessuant’s words: ‘a contemporary and domestic interpretation of the deck chair’. ’Watching the ships roll in’ is one of five new, limited-edition products created by Dessuant for Singularité’s The Bay collection.

The designer explains, “Somewhere between Brittany and Rimini, ‘The Bay’ is a product and furniture collection, the personal interpretation of a seaside resort’s collective memory. Not aiming for a meaning nor a concept but on the contrary aiming for interstices free to appropriation, The Bay starts off with a research influenced by memories of touch such as the salt crackling on the skin, and by memories of states of mind like the strange distance holidays induce during the dense year of hard work.

‘These objects with large scope of evocations may remind in the distance and blur, nature shaped by mankind, a widely controlled landscape, though imbued of a feeling of freedom, of escape. The ideas of horizon and vastness interfering with the objects, suggest another perception of the domestic landscape. The vain attempt of restoring vague memories, directs the collection in a sort of several times’ dimension, mixing suspended times, past moments, and sweet daydreaming with an off-season taste.”

Read more: Marie Dessuant

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