The Protection Collection by Jaekyoung Kim and Hyunjin Seo

Seoul based design studio KamKam consisting of Jaekyoung Kim and Hyunjin Seo have combined traditional Korean aesthetics with the notion of physical, and emotional, protection in this furniture collection for children.

“Our intention is to revive the aesthetics of tradition and take care of children, the users of the furniture” explains Kim and Seo.

The dureong-chima, a skirt used to wrap around the bellies of babies, is the motif for the Duriban Table for children, “the edge is materialized as fabric so that children’s encounter furniture is like an embrace of something warm.”

The Ahye Bed is designed after the curves of unhye and danghye, traditional Korean shoes, “allowing children to sleep alone feeling as if they are in the warm protection and tender love of their mothers.”

The corner ornamentation that supports the structure of traditional furniture is the motif for the corners of the Ban-Jang Closet, “made of soft and thick fabric to protect children from corners of the wardrobe.”

The Gicha Stools are connected like train cars “so that children can play around their own space”.

Photos: Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation.

Read more: KamKam

Story from: Mocoloco

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