Pop Up Tea Shop by Alan Chu

Brazilian architect Alan Chu’s has designed the newly opened Gourmet Tea Store in Sao Paolo.

The shop is somewhat secret to passers by when closed and simply resembles a graphic mural. But when opened the various graphic patterns come apart and each hold shop elements within such as a pantries, kitchen, display cases with more. The large purple hatch slides forward to reveal a counter surface, while the grey panel transforms into shelving units. The tan block opens up into cupboards, and the beige square up top opens up to reveal the shop’s signage.

Chu drew inspiration from the brand’s polychromatic packaging of its 35 organic tea blends, creating a collage of deceptively flat blocks of color. He sought to create a simple and colorful space that would communicate the dynamic and vivacious energy of the product’s brand.

Read more: Alan Chu

Story from: Architizer

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