Onkel Sofa by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Danish young designer Simon Legald has designed the Onkel sofa for furniture label Normann Copenhagen.

The sofa is a mix between traditional voluminous sofas from before the 1950’s and a more modern strict frame. To emphasise the merger of two completely different worlds of expression, the back cushion has been elegantly encapsulated by the frame.

All elements of the sofa is kept in the same colour and creates an overall collected appearance.

The Onkel Sofa has strong references to Jaime Hayon’s Favn sofa that was launched by other danish furniture company Fritz Hansen during last year’s Milan Furniture Fair.

Simon Legald’s sofa Onkel was launched at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair and goes to underline the trend of more up-right sofas entering the modern home which contrasts the very bulky sofas we’ve seen until now.

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