Trace Room by Atelier Chan Chan

Designed and installed by London practice Atelier ChanChan, Trace Room explores the realms between art and architecture at the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Friday Late Night event Unbuilt De/Constructing Architecture.

It unfolds the de-materialization of architectural elements which have traditionally defined the boundaries of a room. As the installation begins to blur, bend, erase and explode these traditional thresholds, it begins to articulate new ones. The new boundaries become a repetitive use of cord lines that collectively create a permutable mesh that suggest a sense of limit. The cord wrap also brings forward conversations about privacy, visibility and the absence of traditional walls to separate space.

The ephemeral room stretches vertically within the double height volume of Gallery 25, partially enclosed by the sweeping staircase wrapping around the gallery and leading into the National Art Library.

Atelier Chan Chan is a London based design and architecture studio that was founded in 2012 by Zoe Chan.

Read more: Atelier Chan Chan

Story from: Yatzer


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