SUPPA Sneaker Boutique by Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano


Shoes are balanced on bolts across a chunky chipboard wall at this Stuttgart shop called SUPPA by designer Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano.

A series of boxes create clustered seating and display areas in the centre of the store and are constructed from the same wooden boards with bitumen-coated mats over their surfaces.

Light bulbs are attached to bicycle wheels and cast circular shadow patterns over the walls and ceiling. The store owner keeps limited edition and rare shoes in a long narrow chest below the main display wall, where he can show them to other collectors.

Ferrazzano explains, “Suppa is Stuttgarts first pure sneaker boutique, made for sneaker lovers, sneaker collectors and for those who value individuality and exclusivity. SUPPA is a Boutique which has a selection of limited and rare sneakers and a small collection of accessoires. The interior concept is minimalist but with a high attention to detail. The focus is directed on the essentials – Sneakers!”.

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Story from: Dezeen

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