MATTO Bar & Pizzeria in Shanghai

There’s a new place to be in Shanghai town and it’s called MATTO.

Created by Yenn Wong, the entrepreneur and mastermind behind the JIA Boutique Hotels, MATTO is a 253sqm rustic pizza restaurant with a custom-built pizza oven imported from Naples.

The interior is designed by Darryl Goveas of Pure Creative International and the concept was all about eclectic modernity without rubbing obvious Italiano elements into your face. The interior has a surprise element to it just as the cuisine itself. The space represents an artful blend of industrial materials, tailor-made fixtures as well as geometric and organic shapes. With rustic, raw materials such as natural wood, special pattern concrete walls, travertine from Italy, raw iron and a ceiling covered with European-style metal tin, the space features a compelling contrast with a sense of play, as well as plenty of understated aspects for guests to discover. This interior is exactly where you would expect to eat a made to order pasta and the ‘Polpette’ My Way.

Read more: MATTO

REad more: Pure Creative International

Story from: Yatzer


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