Lively Architecture Festival in Montpellier


11 young architectural teams presented spatial interactive installations during this year’s Lively Architecture Festival (FAV) in Montpellier.

Based on the theme of surprise, the installations were set in the urban cityscape of 11 hotels. Among the participants was this year’s winner – Berlin-based Julie Biron with the installation NE DÉRANGEZ PAS MES CERCLES that consisted of a disk surface installation that invites the audience to enter the space and bring this static and solid surface to life.

Other participants include Samuel Berthomeau & Lucie Mothes, Cyril Rheims & Mathieu Collos, Adam ScalesPierre Berhelomeau & Paul Van Den Berg, Tri-Oh! and Erik Herrera IturatCristina Bestraten del Pinoand & Aina Bigorra Gonzalez.

Read more: Lively Architecture Festival

Story from: Yatzer

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