Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama Pop Up Shop



Louis Vuitton has made an accessories collaboration with japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and to celebrate this, the label has opened a pop up shop in London department store Selfridges.

Kusama is famous for her wonderous universes that are built up by polka dots and phallos-like growths and so is the pop-up shop and 24 windows of the edgy department store.

From Louis Vuitton, “One of seven Kusama for Louis Vuitton major store collaborations launching worldwide in 2012, the Kusama windows (and pop-up store) for Selfridges are by far the most significant of them all. The collaboration continues within the store, in Selfridges’ Concept Store also transformed by Kusama with her signature giant pumpkins which sets the scene for a showcase of Louis Vuitton’s new collection by Kusama available only at Selfridges for 8 weeks from 24 August. The iconic leather handbags, ready-to-wear, travel bags, shoes and accessories by Louis Vuitton all feature Kusama’s organic repetitive patterns treated in vigorous and hybrid colours such as the polka dots.”

Read more about the collection at: Louis Vuitton Kusama


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