Mashallah Design Studio

I recently came across Berlin based design studio Mashallah again and thought it was time to share some of their exciting projects.

The studio was established in 2008 by Hande Akçayli and Murat Koçyigit.

They work in the crossfield between CAD software and traditional craftmanship and the results are sculptural poetic pieces with great attention to materials and tayloring. Many of their projects so far have been limited editions apart from a collection of pendants for Marset.

I’m really excited to see what else they will come up with in the future.

Read more: Mashallah


Below are a few select projects from Mashallah with their own descriptions:





Muybridge // The Muybridge installation is a study set out to capture temporal change in 3D. A three-step sequence of a bird spreading its wings is reconstructed and sculpted into T-Shirts. As the change in the wings’ position is a function of time, each wing’s plumage is reduced to polygonal form, modeled and rigged into successive arrangements to portray the spreading motion.





No 419 // After hearing a story about a boy brought up by a wolf I wanted this more than anything else. The wolf would have accompanied my nocturnal wanderings, would have eagerly shared my reconnaissances and sometimes my thunderous sighs.





Pleat Box Lamp // The Pleat Box pleat series is a collection of 4 Lamps simulating a textile silhouette with ceramics. The fall of a box pleat was digitally simulated and then assigned into lamp shades.

The outer part of the lamp is offered in white ceramic, underglazed red clay and grey – the result of recycling different enamels. The brilliant white enamel interior creates a glitter effect, which enhances the light from the lamp. It can also be supplied in gold on the inside, which generates an extremely warm light.

Available in 4 sizes:
diameter 47cm, 36cm, 24cm & 13cm.
Distributor: Marset





No 378 // When i was small and just about to learn swimming i was petrified that my swimmies would leak. I squeezed them constantly to check the air level. Surprisingly the swimmies had a different effect outside the water. They gave me tremendous self assurance. In default of that i just left them on all the time.





Scotch Club // An hommage to the first disco in Europe named Scotch Club, this lamp is a reduced version of a disco ball. A ceramic spotlight, made out of 75 facettes. When used as a ceiling light, the faces are reflecting the surrounding area.

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