Mono by Clara Von Zweigbergk





Clara Von Zweigbergk has added a new mobile to her Themis Mobile collection, a 12″ wide singular dodecahedron composed of different colors on each of its surfaces.

Mono is the fourth addition to the Themis Mobile collection designed by the Stockholm native and is vastly different from any other mobile of its kind.

A large 12″ wide singular dodecahedron, the twelve-sided geometric shape is composed of different colors on each of its surfaces. Artecnica who produces Mono explains, “Due to its sophistication and playfulness, Mono can appeal to both an adult and young audience by becoming either the accent piece of any interior or by inspiring the study of geometrical shapes.”

The colours range from pastels to bright fluorescents, from warm to cool hues, and were all painstakingly handpicked by Clara in her creative process, which she describes as “intuition and the way the colors work in contrast to one another.”

Mono is printed on wood-free paper with spot-printed inks.

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