Louis Vuitton’s Objet Nomades at Design Miami 2012

During Design Miami 2012 Louis Vuitton showed the collection Objet Nomades.

The collection was a collaboration between luxury handbag brand Louis Vuitton and a handful top notch designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Nendo, Campana Brothers and Christian Liagre.

The entire collection was on view during Design Miami at Louis Vuitton’s temporary store, and it is now set to travel to a number of LV flagship stores in Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, London, Paris and New York.


The Nomade leather hammock with gold-plated fixtures mimics the LV classic trunk bed, designed in the 19th century for French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. The design of the hammock was inspired by the pinched shape of pasta ribbons. Designed by Swiss studio Atelier Oï – available to order for $32,300.



Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola transformed LV handbags into portable stools. Lightweight with collapsable aluminium frame and leather seat, this stool is currently at a prototype stage.



Limited-edition Maracatu cabinet de voyage by Brazilian design brothers Fernando & Humberto Campana. The fringed cabinet is made from recycled leather strips and includes three internal shelves plus a hook for easy hanging. Only twelve cabinets were produced in different colours – made to order piece for $51,500.



‘Surface, The Lamp’ by Tokyo-based studio Nendo. The piece features LED bulbs and a USB-rechargeable battery concealed by a thin sheet of Nomade leather perforated to mimic LV’s iconic Damier pattern. When not in use, the lamp rolls up for simple transport. Currently at a prototype stage.



Also designed by Patricia Urquiola this woven mesh ‘Swing Chair’ was inspired by a handbag. The piece is finished with luxe details such as a leather cushion and gold-plated hooks. Prototype only.



‘The Travel Desk’ by French designer Christian Liaigre utilises the portability of easels used by painters in the 19th century. The desk features a maple frame and Nomade-leather top. Available as a made to order piece for $34,900.



‘Folding Beach Chair’ by Dutch designer Maarten Baas. The chair is made of cotton straps and a hand-modeled resin-coated clay frame. Currently in prototype form and not for sale.

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