Maison et Objet 2013: In Between Chair by Sami Kallio

Untitled 3154


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Finnish designer Sami Kallio has designed the chair In Between for danish brand &tradition.

At first glance the chair resembles an iconic danish 1950’s chair, but giving it a second look, one realises that the chair is made from a mix of traditional craftmanship and innovative veneered techniques.

Made in ash and oak, In Between is an exercise in wood craftsmanship and uses two traditional techniques to achieve its form: compression moulding and woodturning. As well as involving modern industrial manufacturing processes, there are also certain interventions made by the human hand – a nod to Kallio’s background and education as a joiner and his interest in traditional woodcraft.

“What’s exciting about In Between is the successful clash between the industrial process and the traditional techniques that reference hand-crafted wooden furniture,” says Martin Kornbek Hansen, brand director of &tradition. In Between’s combination of modern industry and traditional craft is in perfect accordance with &tradition’s championing of tradition tied to innovation” explains Sami.

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