Becks Sapphire Installation by Moritz Waldemeyer





Beer label Becks is currently launching their new beer Sapphire. It being introduced around the United States throughout 2013. A series of pop-up locations – starting January 17th in Los Angeles, Santa Monica Boulevard– are chosen to day-view the new beer to the American public.

Moritz Waldemeyer was asked to create a unique environment inspired by the black exterior face of the bottle. ‘When I’ve first put my mind into the project’, says Moritz, ‘I pictured a modern luxurious space which recreates the preciousness of sapphires’. Alternations of geometric figures are irregularly positioned to form a cutting edge structure. The artist recreated a crystal cave composed of mirrors that reflect the light in order to transmit the visitor in a surreal landscape.

The goal is to transform an environment using simple triangular shapes that recall the precious stones carved in the rock, ‘leading the viewer through a journey into luxury and elegance’. He explores use of the same geometric shape to render multiple spatial dimensions within the same architecture: triangles become pyramids and the pyramids intersect each other exploiting three-dimensions. An avant-garde work of art that matches Beck’s idea of sophisticated enviroment for the launch of a different type of beer.

Read more: Moritz Waldemeyer

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