Paper Installation by Kustaa Saksi at Stockholm Furniture Fair





Finland-born, Amsterdam-based illustrator Kustaa Saksi recently created quite a stunning paper display at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

Saksi and Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh worked together on the installation that was to strike up conversation about future work spaces.

Saksi created the intricate display from 1120 stacks of A4-size paper (total of 700,000 sheets of paper) suspended from 44,000 points in the ceiling. Ceiling frescoes, church domes, altars – these were all part of the inspiration for Saksi and Wingårdh who concluded that paper is still them most commonly used means of communication and therefore the perfect material for the display.

The Finnish forestry and paper giant Stora Enso donated the paper for the space that also hosts uses seminars and panel discussions.

Read more: Kustaa Saksi


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