Milan 2013: Stone Garden by Nendo for Caesar Stone


Nendo Stone Garden





During the Milan Furniture Fair, the Palazzo Crivelli in the Brera District held quite an astonishing exhibition challenging the natural material quartz stone. American frontiers on the area Ceasarstone had asked high profile japanese design studio Nendo to create these two experimenting exhibitions.

As you entered the court yard of Palazzo Crivelli, one was met with dozens and dozens of circles flying above ground. At a closer glance this was an installation of small tables all holding 3 overlapping circular tabletops, that then again overlapped the neighbouring tabletops.

Inside the palace was a podium of a number of beautifully minimalist crafted tables in various sizes. What was so interesting was the quarts stone corner details on the wooden table tops as seen on the pictures.

From the press release:

The Stone-Edge Table collection consists of seven wooden tables, embellished with corner and leg details. The organically shaped, jewel-like pieces, made from Caesarstone’s Classico collection, are both a decorative as well as a protective element to the most exposed parts of a table. Typically used for countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and cabinet coverings, the application of Caesarstone surfaces as a sophisticated and refined detail in furniture gives a new purpose to the material. In a carefully engineered design, the two materials blend seamlessly together into a simple, contemporary shape showcasing the minimalistic beauty characteristic of Nendo.

Stone Garden, Nendo’s second installation, was showcased in the Palazzo’s courtyard. The juxtaposition between its minimal design and the architecture of Palazzo Crivelli enhanced the serene character of the installation. It consists of around 300 table-like elements made out of seven different stone-shaped quartz surfaces and nine different stone colours, each supported by a simple metal rod and secured by an overlapping design. The elements are clustered together to form a seemingly floating landscape. The simplicity of the design reflects Nendo’s minimalistic approach, while exhibiting the exceptional quality, functionality and creativity of Caesarstone. Like the different shapes, depths and directions of overlaps forming this installation, Caesarstone’s versatile surface designs can complement any space.
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