Milan 2013: Ro by Jaime Hayon for Fritzhansen









The collaboration between spanish enfant terrible Jaime Hayon and the danish classic design house Fritzhansen continues. Two years ago it brought the beautiful  sofa Favn with it and this year Jaime has designed the wing chair Ro.

Ro means tranquility in danish and features a curved seat shell that swoops out on both sides to form armrests and dips inward at the neck to follow the shape of the user’s body.

The loose rounded cushions for the headrest, back and seat are covered in a slightly different fabric to the shell they sit in. On the backrest sits two small buttons and functions as the only interruption on the otherwise smooth surface.

The chair is supported on four smooth, rounded legs that can be chosen in different coloured woods or metals and nine different fabric colour options and a variety of materials including leather and velvet are available.

Read more: Jaime Hayon

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One Response to “Milan 2013: Ro by Jaime Hayon for Fritzhansen”
  1. danmmccarthy says:

    Beautiful chair!

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