Viktor Leske Hair Salon by Karhard Architektur + Design








“Less materials to create more atmosphere” was the dogma for German studio Karhard Architektur + Design when creating this hair salon in Berlin.

One of the main features are the mirrors that curve down from the ceiling on thick steel frames.

The suspended mirrors are constructed from black steel and oxidised stainless steel and create a pair of two-sided styling stations in the large front room of the Viktor Leske salon.

Karhard Architektur + Design used a materials palette of concrete and steel for the surrounding surfaces of the room. “The only briefing from Viktor Leske was to create something extraordinary,” explains architects Thomas Karsten and Alexandra Erhard. “We tried to use less materials to create more atmosphere.”.

The floor is concrete, while wooden ledges line the walls to provide seating areas and a concrete lectern forms a reception desk. 

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Photography by Stefan Wolf Lucks.


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