Silt tea set by VW+BS






London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur based design studio VW+BS has created the Silt Tea Set.

The collection is made from twice-fired purple clay and is unglazed. This is a chinese technique traditionally used for tea pots and pouring green tea. The unglazed surface softens the taste of whatever liquid is poured from the vessel.

“The unglazed material has the effect of softening the taste of the water in the same way as activated charcoal,” explains VW+BS. “This occurs whether you are serving tea, coffee water or wine.”

The Silt Tea Set consist of seven items, including a large jug, small jug, bowl and four cups. There’s also a lid that fits any of the pieces.

Taiwanese company Lin’s Ceramics Studio will produce 50 sets, each with a slightly different finish which will be presented during London Design Week in Sept.

Read more: VW+BS


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