London Design Week 2013: The Conductor by Faye Toogood












Established & Sons have invited stylist come designer Faye Toogood to create an installation in their showroom in London for London Design Festival this week.

Called “The Conductor” the installation consist of a wall of neon light tubes connected to a massive switch board, the viewer can take part in turning the lights on and off.

The switches are embedded in blocks of coloured resin, through which the cables can be seen. Beneath the switches the cables drop down through a metal mesh table and spill onto the floor, creating a tangled pile that carries current to the lights.

Iridescent panels fixed to the wall behind the lights are made from zinc passivated steel, a material commonly used to provide insulation from electronic interference.

Toogood developed the installation in response to a new series of colourful resin furniture by Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka, which Established & Sons is also launching during LDF.

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