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In close cooperation with Jacob Gubi I recently finished the interiors for new restaurant Amass in Copenhagen in a former shipyard building. The opening of Matt Orlando‘s restaurant has long been anticipated and in July the doors could open to former Noma head chef’s first restaurant.

Matt Orlando’s dream was to create a raw open space that would feel alive and have a constant flow whether it’s in the dining room or the kitchen. To do away with a lot of the formalities and just focusing on the food and the ambience – an informal space for gatherings with friends and family, but still with a very high level of food.


There’s this constant movement in the dining room. And people are not just sitting at tables. There are people on higher stools, there are people walking around, there are people out in the garden. The dynamics of the dining room changes completely and it instantly makes people more relaxed. – Matt Orlando, interview w.


For the Gubi Design team, headed by CCO Jacob Gubi and myself the design process of Amass has been an exciting challenge. Our mission has been to ensure that Orlando’s vision of informality and movement came through. To secure that whatever designs were chosen, we would compliment the space and allow for full focus on whatever is put on the plate.


Amass, means to gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of material or things) over a period of time and just like the list of ingredients chosen for a dish, can make or break an expression – so can the decor of a space if not carefully considered.


The interior of Amass is an eclectic mix of sleek lines, exclusive materials, classic design and brand new design icons all carefully chosen to reflect the building’s history, strong lines and rough edges.


All concrete walls, columns and the ceiling have been stripped bare to enhance the raw and honest look. Other walls are painted dark grey to create contrast in the space. All metals have been painted black, and the wooden details are all smoked oak to reflect the weather and rough surroundings. The colour palette of the upholstery is kept in leather, or natural green or grey hues to connect the garden and the restaurant space.


The perfect choice, for seating and the main design icon, was the Masculo chair designed by Danish-Italian design duo, GamFratesi – recent winners of Elle Deco talent award 2013 and also behind two of Gubi’s most recent product launches – the Beetle Chair and the Paper Table series.


The Masculo Chair with its masculine appearance and slim base creates the ultimate comfort for diners but also remains delicate and exclusive in the open space. And just like the rest of the space, contrasts are also what defines the work of Enrico Fratesi and Stine Gam.


With the design of Masculo chair our idea was to experiment with a kind of contradiction between a partly classical design as deep rooted in the Danish furniture tradition, to challenge it, in combination with contemporary dynamic lines and translations of materials and production techniques.  


To compliment the Masculo chairs, with a small nod to Japan, is the sculptural Aoyama table while the space is carefully lit up by mega-editions of the ever classic Bestlite pendant and brand new Greta Grossman Cobra Wall lamps. Most diners are seated at Gubi tables in smoked oak and this also makes out the large communal dining table for which 10 diners each night will share their meal with other guests who’s equally open to make new acquaintances.


The rest of the interior are a mix of Danish and International individually selected to reflect the overall vision and spirit of Amass. Notable details are the plates from Noma Supplier, Aage Würtz, the bar counter in cement and rusty metal plates which is a one-off collaboration between Malte Gormsen and Gubi.  All the upholstery is carefully chosen from Kvadrat and Sørensen Leather.


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