Multibrand Space by Guise









Scandinavian architects office Guise have recently finished this serene multibrand space  in Stockholm.

The brands weren’t decided upon when the design for D&V Multibrand Store was made. Therefore the space had to be neutral yet exciting for any brand to move into.

Custom made fittings throughout include columns spread out over the space with an integrated flexible shelving system as well as central displays that look like escalated plates. These are built up around the size of a folded shirt (40x40cm) and have been repeated until it could hold 20 shirts through a shape that gives the most surface areas.

Oak-clad storage boxes line the edges of the shop and the cash register covered with toughened glass. All pieces of furniture were custom made for the store.

Guise was founded in 2008 by architects Jani Myrman Kristoffersen and Andreas Ferm. Since it was founded Guise has taken a position as one of the most innovative interior architecture firm in Europe with commissions both within Europe as well as outside Europe.

Read more: Guise


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