Lazy Seefelder by Tom Strala





Tom Strala’s Lazy Seefelder lounge chair is a divan bed that “exudes fashion and movement, an extraordinary object made for everyday life” says the Zurich-based designer.

The design of the Seefelder series (there’s also a ‘Seefelder’ and ‘Rocking Seefelder’) was a creative process that took three years to complete. “Various possibilities of the rattan as a technical and aesthetic material were explored and further developed, the goal being a relaxed modernity: defined forms for an easy-going use.” says Strala.

“With its unpretentious nature and the natural warmth of its rattan the Seefelder celebrates the poetry of the daily life while conveying the relaxed feeling of a holiday cottage. The Seefelder series is a manifest against the sterile and arduous design, whose vanity has forgotten the beauty and lust of life.”

Read more: Tom Strala

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