Copenhagen Apartment








I really quite admire the interiors of Creative Director of Frama, Niels Strøyer Christophersen’s raw and simple home.

Recently featured in Kinfolk Magazine, the home of Niels really is something special. With a love for the original, Niels has let most walls and door frames stand completely untouched only adding a supple blue hue to some of the walls.

“I wanted people to see every room like it was a small adventure,” he explains.

Decorated with furniture from Frama as well as auction and antique finds, the apartment that was built in 1905, has a serene, honest and folky feel about it.

“The contemporary pieces I have are very neutral in color, shape and materials, but they’re distinguished and sophisticated,” he says. “They blend in perfectly with my flea-market brass pieces and auction-bought vintage safari chairs by Kaare Klint.”

Throughout the love of quality is evident with good materials and nice details.

The kitchen is designed by Niels himself and is sold as a module system through Frama.


The photos are from Kinfolk Magazine // issue 11

Photography: Ditte Isager

Styling: Nathalie Schwer


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