Milan 2014: Side Table by Jasper Morrison for SCP

SCP_046_Gareth_Hacker22_grande SCP_046_Gareth_Hacker44_both SCP_046_Gareth_Hacker44_grande

Originally Jasper Morrison‘s first ever piece to to into production, the Side Table has been re launched this year by SCP.

Side Table comes in 2 versions and is made from hand formed steel and glass, with brazed brass joints produced locally in Norfolk & Europe.

The table was first launched by SCP in 1986. This year they decided to reissue this historic piece from one of UK’s leading designers.

The table comes with a sandblasted, clear lacquer or powder coated frame. Sandblasted or low-iron glass finishes are available. The two versions consists of a high table with two circular glass tiers and a low table with one circular glass tier.

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