Artek + Vitra: Home of Harri & Astrid











Curious and lovely Artek + Vitra installation in VitraHaus Loft by Ilse Crawford.

After joining forces last year, this is the first joint collaboration between Finnish Artek and German Vitra.

Located at VitraHaus Loft in Weil am Rhein the space is the home of a fictitious Finnish-German couple Harri & Astrid. Created by Ilse Crawford of Studio Ilse, each piece of furniture and lighting, to the smallest detail, has been selected and pulled together to let us into the couples’ lives; how they live, who they are and what they value.

They (Harri & Astrid) are vehicles for communicating the shared values that lie at the heart of Vitra and Artek, telling stories of human life and behaviour, of culture and experimentation. They are ideas and intelligence made three-dimensional, growing together with the people who live with it.”

The result is a great celebration of the 2 brands and their timeless classics.

Read more: Artek

Read more: Vitra

Read more: Studio Ilse

Photography by Felix Odell. Images courtesy of Artek.


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