REFORM Exhibition in Copenhagen








The exhibition REFORM that showcases young design & craftsmanship just opened at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen.

REFORM is a space for up and coming designers to experiment and showcase products that aren’t necessarily ready for production.

The exhibition is founded by designers Maria Bruun & Rasmus B. Fex who are hoping to repeat the success every 2 years.

To be included in the exhibition, the exhibitors were to send in their proposals to a panel consisting of an editor (Mette Skjødt, Elle Decoration) , a gallerist (Maria Foerlev, Etage Projects) and a producer (Niels Strøyer Christophersen, Frama).

Among the exhibitors are Magrethe Odgaard & Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm, Nanna Kiil, Kristian Lindhardt Nørhave, Kasper Kjeldgaard and the founders themselves, Maria Bruun & Rasmus B. Fex.

The exhibition can be seen at Danish Design Center, Copenhagen until 1. Aug.

Read more: REFORM


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