Cutlery by Louise Campbell for Georg Jensen



Louise Campbell by Neel Munte Brun2

Danish designer Louise Campbell has created a simple and elegant collation of cutlery for Living Georg Jensen.

Called Campbell Cutlery, the collection is a homage to classic Georg Jensen. It contains only the most necessary details to provide its function as eating tools and holds no other unnecessary decorative elements besides it’s curvy and ergonomic feel.

“Campbell Cutlery aims to be beautiful without being pretentious. It refers to the history of Georg Jensen by paying great attention to every tiny detail and respecting basic given proportions, but it is not afraid to emphasise its main pur-pose – being a useful, flexible, modern toolkit.One which can grow over the years, but from the outset acknowledges that the days of predic-table dining are over, and that cutlery now has to be more versatile than ever,” explains Campbell

Developing the collection took Louise Campbell through all stages of shaping in clay, cutting, gluing, folding and grinding multiple layers of paper, then rendering the pieces as 3D plastic prints before they at last are brought to life in stainless steel.

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